Mr green casino review : a popular establishment

Whoever sees a green man dancing through a casino on TV to groovy music knows exactly what’s going on – it’s Mr Green! The name has been synonymous with gaming fun for several years now, and that’s why our casino comparison should not be without it. No matter whether it is about slot machines, roulette, card games or other games – the term Mr Green is associated with the online casino par excellence. Fraud or rip-offs are not an issue here, and the casino can also score points with an attractive bonus for new customers. In addition, this online casino also convinces compared to other casinos with its wide range of games from all possible categories.

Our experience at a glance

mr green casino review

Although the website of Mr Green mystically reports that his exact origin is not exactly known, this is of course only a publicity gag. In truth, the Mr Green Limited is entirely owned by Mr Green & Co. AB. The company is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and is also listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. In recent years Mr Green has also been able to win one or two awards.

Mr Green in check: fraud or serious?

mr green casino review

Mr Green has been on the market for several years now and therefore stands for a certain seriousness. As already mentioned, the online casino has won several awards, including the IGA Online Casino of the Year (2014, 2015) or the EGR 2014 Casino of the Year. These awards alone are proof that fraud or rip-offs don’t stand a chance with Mr Green and that the customer shouldn’t or doesn’t have to worry about them. Various experiences and tests have already confirmed this thesis.

The offer from Mr Green: Slot Games & much more

The extensive range of games on offer is sure to make the hearts of most customers beat faster. For example, there are many slot games of different variations. Colourful fantasy worlds can be found among the slot games, also known in this country as slot machines, as well as slot games for well-known film titles such as Judge Dredd, Jurassic Park or Game of Thrones. A large number of these slots are available for the customer. It is worth a try.

In addition to the slot games, there is also a rich selection of classic casino games. These include Roulette or Blackjack. When it comes to the roulette game, there are also several variants available. For example, there is the American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette or the Live VIP Roulette. The customer can simply choose the variant that suits him or her and then play to his or her heart’s content. It is similar with Black Jack: Mr Green also offers several variations of this casino classic: Live Black Jack, Professional Black Jack or Double Xposure Black Jack are among the game modes from which the customer can choose. But that is not all. Video Poker, Baccarat or Keno are also games available to the customer. Thus, Mr Green not only covers the range of classic casino games, but also expands his offer to include games that are not found everywhere. Live games or jackpot games complete the great offer.

How do you play at Mr Green?

Before Mr Green’s lavish range of games can be used, the customer must of course register and create a user account. Once this step has been completed, the customer is taken to the lobby, from where they have access to all the games available. By clicking on the “All Games” button at the top of the screen, the customer reaches a clear menu where they can refine their search. Here one can now choose whether one would like to play roulette, black jack or rather a slot game, for example. Once the customer has decided on the game of his choice, a click on the corresponding window is enough to get to the game screen. If you are looking for a specific game, you can also enter the name in a search window.

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